Pocket Full of Sunshine

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it’s been a year since I drew this

so I decided to do a progress compare thingy like how did I even think for a second he was holding a bonesaw without bending his fingers is beyond me but yeah, I think i’ve gotten better as an artist since 2013~

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Let’s eat cake today like it’s our birthday. Tres Leches Cake is up on the blog today. Treat yo self. 

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[Insert Medic’s giggle here]

Oua! I’m headed to bed now, but I shall be taking this with me.

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tf2-daesdemona asked: I absolutely love your art!! *0*


Aw gosh, I’m glad you do! (ノ*゜▽゜*) ♥


Via Super Post Grad Level Librarian
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My heavy and medic loadouts :D

medics heavies heavyxmedic sfm relevant to mein interests queue


Heavy enjoying the spring and a song from his leetle bird.

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